Highly Fragrant Candles with Amazing Scents that Elevate a Space

About Us

Aroma Blaque is a candle company offering highly fragrant, natural soy candles and fragrance products with amazing scents that will fill a space. Along with their amazing scents, our candles and fragrance are featured in collections designed with bold colors and patterns that add style to the space they're in.

All of our candles and home fragrance products are made from as natural of ingredients as possible, such as all-natural soy wax and phthalate free bases, natural cotton wicks, and fragrance oils that are free of toxins and other chemicals. We make all of our products in-house and they ship from our home base in Central Texas. Our hope is that in addition to loving our products, customers see the quality and care that goes into everything we make. SHOP NOW

Owner Marcia Wins

The company is built from the ground up based on owner Marcia Wins’ passion for craft, design, and entrepreneurship. When starting Aroma Blaque, Marcia's goal was to combine all three things to create amazing products that contribute to creating beautiful spaces.

"The mission of Aroma Blaque is to make high quality, highly fragrant candles that elevate a space with their premium ingredients, amazing scents, and attractive designs." -Marcia Wins

Meet the Maker